bad eggs

eating my eggs sunny side up
im real tired and my hair’s messed up
eating these eggs so tired and alone
only wanting to hear the phone

you didnt call last night or today
even if you did, what would you say?
its all over and its just great
i dont feel bad.  it was something i ate

bad eggs. bad eggs.  i ate some bad eggs
i dont even miss your eyes and sexy legs
i said my breakfast was rotten.  i ate some bad eggs

my black coffee was fine and so was the bacon
i like my toast but my gut’s still aching
is there something else?  could there be something more?
could my empty arms make my stomach so sore?

what am i saying?  whatve i been thinking?
i must be crazy for the the things ive been drinking
i feel so bad, i must have forgotten
its all because my eggs were rotten

you dont matter.  i dont care.
you were always full of hot air
youre real happy just bacuase you hurt me
im not lovesick, youve got to see