so far, no good

i see the skyscrapers that reach to the sky
i see the birds and wish i could fly
man has come so far
so far, no good

god made man from his head to his toe
to be so great, so peaceful
there’s so much farther weve got to go
how many people say what they mean?
how many people are what they seem?
we’ve come so far.  so far, no good

nowhere.  yeah. nowhere.
the world’s gotten nowhere
yeah we got real far.
so far no good
no good, no good, no good
so far, no good
no good…

dreamin’ about the word bein’ great?
wake up pal.  it’s too late
mind over matter.  matter over mind
so far, no good.  we’re so far behind.

too many lies, and not enough truth
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
we’re going backwards in time
we’re going nowhere fast
we’ve got to aim our sights or none of us will last

hey buddy wake up!  the world’s going down.
near failure in life.  beyond sight or sound.
is there anything good in this world?
is there anything left?
is there anything left?
tell me, is ther anything… anythingleft?

the world right now is in a bit of a mess
why do people die from a little bit of stress?
people are so mixed up they don’t know where to turn
war wages in the middle east, as we watch the oil burn