The Lion Down the Hall

I got locked out one night when no one else was home,
I must have lost my key so I’ll spend the night alone;

A painting of a lion standing proud and tall,
Fiercely smiled at me and dared me through the hall;

Doors open and doors close as I stagger down that hall,
No one wants to let me in to feel safe within their walls;

Each room is dark and cold yet I’d die to go inside,
When they come to hunt me down I’ve got nowhere to hide;

I might outrun them for a while but someday I’d have to sleep,
And they’ll be right in back of me. I’m the meal they’ve longed to eat;

I close my eyes, my body shakes, I take off down the hall,
I see my goal, my eyes are set on the lion down the hall;

My heart is pounding as I reach the golden frame,
The demons are behind me but the picture’s not the same;

The lion got real hazy but the picture is much clearer,
I must be going crazy, all along it was a mirror.

I could have the strength to win this fight,
If I die, I’ll die proud;
So I turned and lashed with all my might,
With my mighty roar aloud;

All my life I faced my fears and felt so weak and small,
While all that time I never knew the lion down the hall.