The Blues

Last week, my brother Jason & I attended a live concert of blues-rock legend Walter Trout.   For the last 20 years he has been one of the world’s most popular blues-rock acts and, prior to going solo in 1989, a member of Canned Heat and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.  Many of you folks on the East Coast are also familiar with Trout as the CD soundtrack of Bob Holmes’ famous Bootlegger Cove Crabfest that entertained the Intellectual Property legal community for more than a decade.  Bob was more than proud to promote his sibling Walter Trout’s success.

Even more interesting than that, famous private eye Bob Holmes supplied the legendary Trout with his first guitar.  When Bob was 14 and Walter was 11, Bob had a Silvertone “All-in-1 Guitar” from Sears.  While Bob may have been dashing and charismatic, a musician he was not (sorry Dad).  But young Walter played the guitar naturally and as easily as if he was breathing air.  According to Walter his parents thought he was too young to play the guitar and should only practice his trumpet.  When the parents were not around, Bob passed the guitar to Walter and let him tear that thing apart!

Here I was in the Dallas House of Blues forty-five years later watching the crowd cheer on their guitar hero.  I had an overwhelming vision of my Dad cocking his head back and smiling that Bob Holmes trademark “I’m proud of you” smirk.  Five years after my father’s passing, it is nice to reconnect with relatives who have fond memories like that of my old man.  It is nice to see that, after his short time on this Earth, people he has touched are still touching others.

For those who knew Bob, and those who did not, please click below and give his younger brother’s latest international hit a listen.

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