Purse Party Supplier BUSTED!

Once touted as the largest supplier of counterfeit purse parties in the entire United States, Level 21 Inc. has seen their last days.  Dating back to 2005 our office, at the request of two luxury clients, began an investigation into the website that used to be located at level21inc.com.  From MySpace to Craigslist to suburban living rooms, Theresa Kaufman’s company Level 21 was known as THE SOURCE for wholesale replicas.  This elaborate operation began in an apartment in Minnesota and grew to become a warehouse in South Carolina.  Their counter intelligence was so good that it took a very good field specialist to infiltrate their location.

After the field investigation was done, we had realized that Kaufman and her boyfriend were, along with his father, purchasing land, homes, boats, cars, and God-knows-what-else.  The real skill isn’t in slaying the dragon; it is having the patience to wait for him to stick his head out of the cave.

Our civil actions had put them out of business a couple of years ago.  Working closely with a Special Agent at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, we finally saw Kaufman plea guilty as well.