Crime is Alive and Well in a Sugar Cube

While many in my industry are decreeing present time as the death of small business counterfeiting I offer a more sensible scenario.  Corporate budgets are low and so are those of the average consumer.  Many short-sighted folk to whom I may perhaps refer as “profiteering prophets” are saying that the economy is driving people to purchasing counterfeit products.  This may be true.  Their next concept is where the prediction gets a little murky.  Colleagues have told me that the small “mom and pop shops” of old are of yesteryear.

That is not true so don’t let your guard down.  People are buying less of everything.  That is true.  Real estate, luxury goods, chewing gum and, yes, even fakes.  Record layoffs took place in 2008 all over the United States.  The Unemployed are not only unemployed.  Almost all of them are now running home businesses.  Every other person I have met in the last year that have been laid off now call themselves consultants.  That is not meant to be derogatory, but meant to illustrate how thin the wall is between the fired and the home businessman.

Mary Kay cosmetics rakes in more than $3.1 Billion, Amway shows an impressive $8.4 Billion, and Avon a whopping $10.4 Billion.  When retail booms back, so will the mom & pop counterfeiters.  Stay on watch and be ready.

P.S. Does anyone know which Bruce Dern movie the title is referencing?