Lost or Stolen? Who Cares?!

On Friday I had a brunch meeting with my wife, who is also my business partner of ten years, and had a nice time.  We both had a Sante Fe scramble and went on our way after the business discussion convened.  My next stop was Starbuck’s (the branch office), then the office.  After work, I headed down to the local tavern for a bit until I made my way home for Date Nite.  We ate kung pao chicken from our favorite Chinese joint down the road.  We watched the latest episode of our current favorite show ‘Justified‘.  Shortly thereafter I began snoozing and continued sawing wood until the next morning.  Sometime Saturday I show up at the office and I realize that my company credit card is missing.  Should I worry?  Should I not?

masterchargeI decided not to worry.  I rarely lose things.  Misplace them?  Yes.  Lose forever?  Not so much.  Besides, if I called the credit card company and reported it lost/stolen I would be stuck having to change a heck of a lot of recurring charges on Monday.  Whether you deem my actions wise or lazy is up to you.  Read on.

Living by Accident principle #1 is: “Ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’  If it is not as bad as having your fingernails pulled out with pliers like George Clooney in Syriana, then there is nothing to worry about.”

I took myself a deep breath and decided to live my next few days keeping my eyes peeled for the card expecting it to turn up.  Days go by and I begin to doubt my wise half.  Wise half wins and I continue to keep the faith.  Finally, on Monday, I end up at Starbucks.  I asked the manager if my credit card had turned up and she stated it had not.  Time to panic, right?  No.

I hop into my Prius and hover through the parking lot and make my way past Bread Winners Cafe.  Wait.  That’s where Wifey and I had brunch the other day.  I parked my vehicle, walked inside and asked for the manager.  Turns out, I left the card on the table with the check unsigned.  It seems my return worked out for me and the waiter.  No worries, no harm, pure goodness.

What is the lesson I learned?  Don’t worry.