Month: November 2011

Curiosity Killed the Case

One of the great joys in my life is that, every morning, I wake up and get to walk my two dogs Chauncey, a West Highland Terrier, and Lucky, a Chihuahua, around the block.  When Chauncey gets a scent he follows it until he locates the source.  Then he sniffs until he gets all of the data he feels he needs, or satisfies his curiosity.  Once this is achieved Lucky decides to mark his territory on the spot that Chauncey found.  One day, due to Chauncey’s amazing focus, he ended up with a stream of Lucky’s pee pee on his head.

I have been in private investigations most of my life.  In my twenties I thought my tenacity and curiosity were my greatest assets.  Once I was promoted to working larger, more complex, cases I began to realize how much time was actually wasted extracting more data from a lead than needed or following leads that did not pan out.

Very often the greatest skill an investigator can have is knowing when a lead is dead or when to put it down for a while.  The word ‘lead’ rhymes with ‘seed’.  Think of the concept of sowing seeds.  Except the opposite.  When you sow seeds you lay dozens, and maybe hundreds, and expect only one or a few to ever bear fruit.  Most leads do not take you to the end.  Most are distractions.  The greats know which are which.  Solve the case without ending up with pee pee on your head.

Now, I’m going to finish my coffee.


Top Ten Ways to Fight IP Cybercrime

I was recently interviewed by IQPC as a preview for my IPCybercrime Boot Camp that I will be giving in conjunction with their Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection conference in San Francisco in January 2012.  This will be the second time I’ve partnered with them to do a Master Class.  Last year was a great time and I’m excited to kick off the New Year with my 2012 material at their event.  Please listen to the below podcast/video for a preview of some of the topics I will discuss.  You know you want to press ‘play’.  So do it.



Hunt People Online – Los Angeles and Toronto Classes Coming This Month!

My IPCybercrime Boot Camp has been well-received all over North America and in Europe.  Whether you are an investigator by trade, a paralegal, a lawyer or a small business person you will benefit greatly from taking this all-day course.

My class is the only class of its kind.  Instead of teaching the traditional parlor tricks we focus on my proprietary techniques and philosophy that are universal in all aspects of investigation.  The Internet has been my territory for almost two decades and I can teach you to navigate it better than ever before!

Seating is limited and time is running out.  So register now for Los Angeles on 11/14 or Toronto on 11/29.  CLICK HERE NOW!

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