The Real Truth About Suicide

Suicide can happen to anyone. Especially on the worst day of a person’s life. Experts, pundits, and all others who want to pretend that it is something that only happens to ‘other people’ say that there is a sickness or syndrome that causes a person to clock out. The truth… the real truth… is that the same person who made this claim is probably one step from the act themselves (now or in the past), but decided to mask it out of shame or superiority. I’m here to tell you that you need not feel shame about contemplating suicide, nor sympathizing for friends or family members who have decided to commit this ultimate act. Of course it is not a choice to aspire to make, or to be happy of the outcome. However, understanding the choice and sympathizing for those who consider or commit this act is most important to our humanity.

Sadness and depression hit everyone on a very deadly level. A majority of people that have felt this (for one reason or another) pretend that this feeling has not led them to contemplate ending their sadness for good. It is because of the shame that society brings upon those who commit suicide. Guess what, Mr./Mrs. Perfect?! It could indeed happen to you and you know it. In fact, you contemplated it last week. Don’t be such a proud jerk that you let someone else slip through the cracks and actually die.

Let’s Take Action to Prevent Suicide

Until we proudly proclaim that it can happen to anyone, people we love will keep dropping dead. Needlessly. We all need to open our doors to anyone who thinks about these things. In other words, everyone needs to have an open door and be open to recognize sadness in our loved ones. The truth is, my friends, that anyone could decide something so final, so sad, without the proper folks to talk them off the ledge. Will you be the one on the ledge with them? I hope you are. Dismiss the stupid stigma and dive in. If love wins, we all win. I promise, baby.

As an industry matter, I will introduce the fact that my father, Bob Holmes (known as “Chief” enforcing fakes on canal street) ended his life in the spring of 2004 at the age of 55. This happened one month to the day that he lost his big brother and best friend Loren ‘Bubba’ Holmes to a devastating battle with cancer. That same week, he had to put down his ailing dog and also told his mother that she was going to spend the rest of her life in a nursing home. Oh, and 23 years prior, his high school sweetheart and mother of his three children killed herself as well during a bitter divorce. None of us know exactly what the last straw was that made Bob walk into the water and swallow his Glock. But we can understand that we’ve all been as deep down into the murk as he was. Let’s just keep each other from it. Let’s make that promise. My personal phone number is (972) 679-1111. Call me. I call you. Either way, we’re talking each other off the ledge. Got it?

Now, I’m going to finish my coffee.

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  1. Rob,

    Very good and personal post. Your family should be proud of you.


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