How I Learned a Great Business Lesson From Wesley Snipes

parachuteWhen I was freshly-landed in Hollywood and enamored by a number of my screen legend heroes, one of them was Wesley Snipes. At that time, he had been on a hot streak with hits like Major League, Mo’ Better Blues, Demolition Man, and Passenger 57. When his next film, Drop Zone, came out, I was living two blocks away from the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. On opening night, back in 1994, I made sure I was there. The plot of Drop Zone was simple and fun. Wesley Snipes and company needed to parachute into a fortress that could not be infiltrated by land or any other means. Forget that Ponch and John did the same thing in an episode of CHiPs more than a decade before, Mr. Snipes pulled it off in a theatrical fashion that was previously not seen. Not even Cary Grant’s infamous jewel thief John “The Cat” Robie was as smooth as Snipes in this film. So, Rob, what does this have to do with business advice? I’m glad you asked!

In my more than twenty years in business, I have found one thing to be true. Pursuing traditional avenues is the longest way to success. So you should only do it once. In my chosen profession, private investigations, I worked my way from the kid who swept the floors to the guy who ran the place in seven years. After that, I started by own business and, in five years, became the leading person in my field. Now, ten years after that, I’m an unstoppable force and legend in my industry. This is despite the most despicable of vultures trying to pick away at me along the way.

Yes, you are correct in your thinking. I found my way to success through traditional means. However, having acquired the climbing skills the hard way, I will always have ingenuity to find a different way into another the higher levels of another industry if I play my cards right. Thanks to my on-screen hero Wesley Snipes, I call this technique “parachuting”. Because of my success in one field, I can parachute my way into almost any other circle with very little effort. Mind you, this method requires a ton of charm which I possess in spades. When I parachute my way into a different industry, I utilize my success in one industry to develop credibility in the other. I have proven this method to be true over and over again.

So, my advice is simple. Whatever you succeed in, build on it. Once you reach a level of note, use it to parachute into another. Keep doing this until you get where you want. It’s not easy, but it’s very doable if you have the right tools and drive.