Holmes Alone™ “On White Privilege”

If you’ve been following me on social media recently, you may have seen that I have launched a new vlog (video blog) originally entitled “Rob’s Readings” due to the fact that each day I read some quotes from the book “637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said”. Each vlog is comprised of one or two minutes of levity for the day, a recommendation or two, and some quotes. The goal is to provide a smile from a friendly face during these often frustrating times.

After about forty episodes in, I realized that the vlog needed a new name. Yes, technically I’m still doing reading each day, but I’m hoping my friends are enjoying the companionship of seeing me drinking my morning coffee by myself, at home. Hence the title “Holmes Alone™”. You know with Rob Holmes, you’re always going to end up with a pop culture reference, so here we are.

After the death of George Floyd, and the unrest around the country devoted to grieving his loss (among others), I decided to suspend my light-hearted routine to deliver a message to my fellow white people about the issue of White Privilege. I’m not accusatory in this message, but the opposite. I’m merely explaining what I believe African Anericans are asking from us in this time of unrest. Please watch this powerful video and, if you agree with my message, please share it on all platforms. It is a message of unity and clarity that I believe is very important.