Date Night Rebooted

After Nastassia and I got married, we quickly fell into a routine, as most newlyweds do. We both worked full-time jobs, and soon established Friday night as a sacred ‘Date Nite’. Why Friday nights? You may assume that it was because Friday is a traditional night for a date. You’d be wrong. After we became a couple, I realized that the “The X-Files” was her favorite show. Even though I made it to the party a couple seasons late, I still joined with enthusiasm. The most enchanting woman I’ve ever met was glued to the television every Friday at the same time and, dadgummit, so was I. I began to realize that “The X-Files” was a well-written episodic saga with an affection for Shakespeare, ancient Greek literature, and government conspiracies. Not to mention, as a huge fan of television writing myself, it was the training ground for Vince Gilligan (“Breaking Bad”), Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa (“Homeland”), David Nutter (“Game of Thrones”), Rob Bowman (“Castle”), and others.

Over the next years, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully became surrogates for ourselves. Every Friday night was another adventure. In the mid-1990’s, there were no DVR’s or streaming options back then. Yes, we could use our VHS video cassette recorder, then play it back afterward, but that was a whole project. So we just made a point to be home and ready in time to tune in to our favorite show live when it aired. This meant that, after we finished work at our respective jobs, we had to pick up dinner and take the dogs out in time to see what the sci-fi gods (a.k.a Chris Carter and gang) had in store for us that week. This routine entailed stopping off at the West Hollywood Pavilions grocery store and making the big decision: Pizza or Panda. Either we would pick up a frozen rising crust Freschetta pizza (accompanied by a jar of Prego for dipping of course), or we would get Chinese food from the Panda Express that was located within the same grocery store. Either way, this always put us at the crossroads of “P” and “P” every Friday night for more than a decade.

As time went on (we’ve been together for over 25 years now), we still had our time together but the day and time varied. Friday night was no longer designated specifically as sacred. Then recently we started binging television series together. It began with “Sons of Anarchy” and then “Dexter”. After a bit of time watching movies and other random things in between, we both decided that “The X-Files” were next. And guess what? Even though we also watch it throughout the week (as we do with all the shows we binge), we decided to make sure Friday night Date Nite is back on! And it’s still always “P” or “P”. And it’s better than ever!