Value of Human Life, Examined

Human LifeHave you ever been in a situation where you saw that people died and thought, “Thank God it wasn’t X”? It may have been a plane crash on a flight where someone you care about could have been a passenger but wasn’t. Perhaps it was a violent attack near a loved one’s home or workplace. Either way, there has been a moment when you were appreciative that someone else died in the place of a person you love. Whether you believe it or not, you wished for another person to die.

My life philosophy I call “Living by Accident” is based on the simple concept that time is not linear. Whether you believe in Stephen Hawking’s theories on the science side of things as posited in “A Brief History of Time”, John Bunyan’s theological thesis in “A Pilgrim’s Progress”, or Sir Isaac Newton’s prophetic interpretation in “Daniel and the Apocalypse”, there is within you the belief that time as we know it has already happened.

People die no matter what we wish. So we need to be aware that when people in power try to convince us that their opponent is guilty of murder because their attempts to save lives is different than theirs is purely selfish and, ultimately, void of logic.

This revelation brought me to ponder my anti-abortion stance. Years ago, as a conservative, I believed that killing a fetus is killing a person. But, as a (supposed) conservative, I also believed in a hawkish military policy. This meant American boys would die for causes decided by Generals. I also believed that people convicted of murder should be executed by the state. After careful thought over many years, I found the latter two of these to be antithetical to my stance on killing babies. If one values life, then life is valuable.

Now let’s look at the world’s boogeyman, Adolf Hitler. No one disagrees that he killed six million people. But history proves that Stalin killed sixty million people, ten times the amount Hitler killed. A large percentage of Stalin’s victims were Jews including my wife’s grandfather, Eugene David. So, in any true Jewish anguish, the people who let Stalin continue his rampage of killing Jews across Europe are the enemy. Guess who that was? Us. No kidding. All of the allied powers, including the United States and England, pretended that Stalin’s post World War II murders somehow don’t matter. Even today, I don’t believe you will find one single predominant news source or textbook that will admit that Stalin was as bad as Hitler. He was, and anyone who says otherwise is either uneducated or they are a liar.

My purpose of this article is to make you think about, and be suspicious of, the politicians who pretend that one death or another should sway you to vote their point of view. Whoever it is, they are trying to play you as a fool. Don’t let them.

Death is everywhere. And every person in power a long time asking for your vote is a party to it. Think about that.

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  1. Horrible people get into power because of the people. No one man or woman can control anything if the people aren’t swayed by selfishness, secret motives, and hatred.

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