Righteousness (Not Religion) Is the Root of Conflict

I have spent so much of my life watching the battle between the religious and the non-religious. Who’s right? You have to admit most religion is based on an old book that hardly anyone reads. On the other hand, we owe so much of our civilization to the writings in these books. One day, I heard someone professing to be an atheist saying that all wars and conflict in this world exist because of religion. However, I have found in the last decade or so that more religious persecution was coming from the non-religious. Let me explain…

The basic argument against religion is that there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for life. Nor should one set of writings or beliefs dictate an entire population based on majority rule. I agree with the anti-religion people on this. Even though I identify as a Christian, I do not believe anyone should be forced to believe what I believe. Pure Democracy is evil. The 49% should never be ordered to succumb to the whims of the 51%. Who even thinks that is not barbaric defies my comprehension.

Over the last several years, I have been questioning the veracity of the entire Bible, and am still working through that. I guess where I am, at 50 years old, is that I believe in the teachings of Jesus himself, but I am not necessarily sold on the rest. Not that I dismiss the rest, but I question whether every word written was inspired/written by the Almighty God. To me, the jury is out but I’m not closing the door on it.

That leads me to the concept I mentioned earlier, the proposal that religion is the root of all discourse. I actually stepped back and realized that religion is indeed NOT the problem. Righteousness is. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. What creates discourse is the creation of ANY rule book in life that is forced upon others. I find that the modern religion is politics. This means that we need to seriously differentiate our reality from what is dictated to us by the Ruling Class. This ruling class is the first to condemn the speech of a dissident with the consequence of a proposed mob death. This, my friends, is the exact result we as Americans pledged to prevent.

So here we are. Fascism as the norm. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just see your neighbor’s opinion as valid as yours. No one is more righteous than the other. Religion is politics. Let’s remove the power of the politicians and choose to bypass them and love one another.