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Hi.  I'm Rob Holmes. I was raised in Atlantic City, NJ in a family of private investigators where Sherlock Holmes was common bedtime fodder. In 1982, at age 11, I authored an early version of PowerPoint for my 7th grade science project. This same year I began making undercover buys at swap meets for my father. In 1989, I was the first student in my college dorm with an Internet connection and was one of the first users of America Online. That same year I co-founded Willy Productions and produced short films seen all over South Jersey and Philadelphia. I attended Bible College and was a youth leader, working with outreach groups across North America and Asia. I tested the political waters while in college, marching on Washington alongside the Vice President of the United States. In 1994, I moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue a career in film-making. Then I got sidelined working for one of my father's associates at a premiere detective agency on the West Coast. In 2001, I founded my own investigative firm, which has become known as one of the best in the world in its expertise. My clients are a Who’s Who list of Fortune 500 companies. Throughout my career, I have been sought as an adviser to a wide range of officials and business people, and have had a hand in a number of landmark court cases. I have been featured on television, books, newspapers, and magazines. I've been well-received as a speaker on many topics. I am an award-winning screenwriter and the author of a forthcoming book “American Knockoff”. I am CEO of MI:33, Editor of the blog Holmes P.I., a technical consultant for television, and sit on the boards of two startups and a Federally-funded enforcement initiative.  I'm a Private Eye, Funny Guy, Writer, Freemason, Gen-Xer, Libertarian, and a Gene Hackman fan. I currently live in Marina Del Rey, CA with my wife and three dogs.



Rob Holmes