Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

When I was a small child in the 1970’s we often planned our lives around what was airing on network television. We browsed a weekly magazine called ‘TV Guide’ that provided schedules of what would be on. I fondly remember the annual airing of the classic 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz”. In preparation, my siblings and I would get in our pajamas and lay on blankets in the living room. To make the experience complete, our parents popped popcorn for us to chow down on. Continue reading “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

Good Food + Bad Laws = Unlikely Hero

Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles is a Los Angeles soul food restaurant and a staple of local cuisine since the 1970’s. The strange flavor combination along with its addictive recipe has gone unquestioned for decades, and has been immortalized by pop culture figures such as Quentin Tarantino, Ludacris, Will Smith, and Snoop Dogg.

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Why The Black Panther Newspaper Matters

In today’s entertainment world, it is hard not to know about the massive Marvel-Disney blockbuster Black Panther. Most of us rushed to the theaters to see it, as we do every MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) film. I mean, come on! Not only was it the first-ever African-American comic character to have his own film, but it was the last solo film before the much-anticipated battle royale “Avengers: Infinity War” scheduled to be released that Spring. Like all of the characters in these films (such as Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Thor) Black Panther was based on a comic character. As someone who was a child in the 1970’s, I have vivid memories of T’Challa fighting bad guys alongside The Fantastic Four, The Avengers and Spidey. Continue reading “Why The Black Panther Newspaper Matters”

Righteousness (Not Religion) Is the Root of Conflict

I have spent so much of my life watching the battle between the religious and the non-religious. Who’s right? You have to admit most religion is based on an old book that hardly anyone reads. On the other hand, we owe so much of our civilization to the writings in these books. One day, I heard someone professing to be an atheist saying that all wars and conflict in this world exist because of religion. However, I have found in the last decade or so that more religious persecution was coming from the non-religious. Let me explain…

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The Case for Textualism

When it comes to the interpretation of the United States Constitution, there are two schools. One school is called Textualism and the other Living Constitutionalism. The first argues that the original intent, and the exact written words, should be what is adhered to. The latter believes that there were horses, buggies, and muskets when it was written and the meaning should evolve with the times. Here is my argument against the latter theory. Continue reading “The Case for Textualism”

Value of Human Life, Examined

Human LifeHave you ever been in a situation where you saw that people died and thought, “Thank God it wasn’t X”? It may have been a plane crash on a flight where someone you care about could have been a passenger but wasn’t. Perhaps it was a violent attack near a loved one’s home or workplace. Either way, there has been a moment when you were appreciative that someone else died in the place of a person you love. Whether you believe it or not, you wished for another person to die. Continue reading “Value of Human Life, Examined”

Date Night Rebooted

After Nastassia and I got married, we quickly fell into a routine, as most newlyweds do. We both worked full-time jobs, and soon established Friday night as a sacred ‘Date Nite’. Why Friday nights? You may assume that it was because Friday is a traditional night for a date. You’d be wrong. After we became a couple, I realized that the “The X-Files” was her favorite show. Even though I made it to the party a couple seasons late, I still joined with enthusiasm. Continue reading “Date Night Rebooted”

Holmes Alone™ “On White Privilege”

If you’ve been following me on social media recently, you may have seen that I have launched a new vlog (video blog) originally entitled “Rob’s Readings” due to the fact that each day I read some quotes from the book “637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said”. Each vlog is comprised of one or two minutes of levity for the day, a recommendation or two, and some quotes. The goal is to provide a smile from a friendly face during these often frustrating times. Continue reading “Holmes Alone™ “On White Privilege””

How Boogies and Jesus Prepared me for COVID-19

I’ve lived my life by one rule. Everybody picks their nose. Don’t deny it. It’s true. How is this relevant to the current pandemic? The answer is simple. I’ve spent a good portion of my life avoiding touching things that others have touched. For example, I always take the second cup from the Slurpee cup dispenser. Yes, it is possible that somebody took of the top cup and rubbed a boogie on the second one just to get my goat, but it’s not incredibly likely. The same goes for valet parking. I see my car almost as an extension of myself and I believe I’m not alone in this philosophy. Continue reading “How Boogies and Jesus Prepared me for COVID-19”

Eulogy for an Angel

Eulogy for an Angel - Jutta JJ HolmesLast week, I flew back home to South Jersey to be with my family to attend the funeral for my Aunt Jutta “JJ” Holmes. I was honored for my cousins to ask my sister and me to stand in the receiving line with them as we accepted condolences. It was delightful to see the people who came to say goodbye one last time. I was one of three to deliver words to the folks in attendance. I wanted to share my words with you: Continue reading “Eulogy for an Angel”