bobs doing it now.

he is calling me from beyond.

what an asshole to leave

and expect me to join his party.

there was a party here.

aint no party anymore.

your smug picture doesnt do it bob.

it aint you and neither was that crappy note.

we all feel it

dont pretend you are special

no one is special

except me.  didnt you know that?

this is the end of the beginning

it is my way of stopping

stopping what, you say?



i can hear her calling my name from the other side.

is it better over there, or is she just lonely?

does she want my best, or does she just want me?

being here ain’t so hot, but it is here and i know here well

i don’t know there, but it’s calling my name

she is calling my name

the one who bore me

the one i hate

why do i care?

i just do

bob’s last words

I travel in the darkness
so I can eat my pie
I travel in the light
so I can see the lie
The lion and the jackal
are at odds with nature
I gaze at the past
while I eat the future
I am neither buried nor cold
dead or beaten
I am yours no more


The first day of forever
was the day that we had met.
Each time I got you see you
the happier I would get.

The second day of forever
was when our lips first touched.
That moment was so magical
I never before felt so much.

The third day of forever
was the happiest in my life.
The greatest joy and honor
was to take you as my wife.

With each day that passes
With everything I do
I have a deeper purpose
Because forever began with you.

making music in the desert tonight

making music in the desert tonight
nowhere to run and theres no one in sight

banging my drum real fast and hard
if i hit it any harder it will fall apart

theres no winners or losers this far out
aint barely nothing to think about

nowhere to go for hundreds of miles
i havent eaten for quite a while

cant tell the day from the night anymore
dont even know what im looking for

hungry for love and im hungry for food
i dont know why im such a hungry dude

ive been floating in this raft out here in the sea
im shooting a flare no one can see

i can look for miles and cant see a boat
this raft is my castle and the sea is my moat

im in a dark little room

im in a dark little room and there’s no one i can see
someone else is in here. i wish i could see

i feel the walls and cant find a door
i scream for myself as a curl up on the floor

as he circles my space my fear smells sweet
hes so cold and quiet yet i can feel his heart beat

i screamed in vain til my throat was sore
in his quiet candor i could feel him want more

i dont know this man but i have all my life
hes slashing my soul with his big sharp knife

if i knew him, id hate myself
ive always wished he was someone else

i really can’t wait for this night to end
im scared to death of my ugly friend

if i kill him, he will kill me
id kill myself and then id be free

The Lion Down the Hall

I got locked out one night when no one else was home,
I must have lost my key so I’ll spend the night alone;

A painting of a lion standing proud and tall,
Fiercely smiled at me and dared me through the hall;

Doors open and doors close as I stagger down that hall,
No one wants to let me in to feel safe within their walls;

Each room is dark and cold yet I’d die to go inside,
When they come to hunt me down I’ve got nowhere to hide;

I might outrun them for a while but someday I’d have to sleep,
And they’ll be right in back of me. I’m the meal they’ve longed to eat;

I close my eyes, my body shakes, I take off down the hall,
I see my goal, my eyes are set on the lion down the hall;

My heart is pounding as I reach the golden frame,
The demons are behind me but the picture’s not the same;

The lion got real hazy but the picture is much clearer,
I must be going crazy, all along it was a mirror.

I could have the strength to win this fight,
If I die, I’ll die proud;
So I turned and lashed with all my might,
With my mighty roar aloud;

All my life I faced my fears and felt so weak and small,
While all that time I never knew the lion down the hall.

carry me through the heavy snow

carry me through the heavy snow
im afraid of the cold
im afraid of the cold
when youre tired and have to put me down
it will still be cold

hold my hand through the misty night
im afraid of the dark
im afraid of the dark
day will pass and it will be nigth again
it will still be dark

talk to me when i feel alone
im afraid of the silence
im afraid of the silence
sooner or later, you will have to leave
it will still be silent

feed me on this christmas day
im afraid to go hungry
im afraid to go hungry
next year, christmas will come again
i will still be hungry

i burn in the cold
see in the dark
hear the silence
eat the hunger

you help me and ill never get strong
when you are with me, im nothing but alone

this heart is torn

this heart is torn
between what’s been and what is now

a lifetime of mistakes
and good memories dictates my thoughts

the meshing together of your life with mine
is a tough challenge and gives me great hope

the future is brighter
than the past could have been

we’ll make it there together
and we’ll be there forever

the nightmares deep inside of me

the nightmares deep inside of me
aren’t really all that bad
there’s not much in this dreamful mind
to make this grown man sad

i’ve fought with demons
i’ve stepped on satan’s toes
ive had bad luck on my side
when ive had plenty to lose

this man can be a demon
when he really wants to be
this guy’s a god damned lunatic
when he sets his true self free

im not about to let them say
what my life should do
i know some day ill shut them up
when i make my dreams come true

i jogged the path that took me here
although it was on fire
there’s no way to get me down
because each breath takes me higher