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I tried hard.  I really did.  But I could not think of a celebrity who was as prolific of a criminal as Snoop Dogg aka Calvin Broadus.  Having said that, I found their choice of this dirtbag as their anti-crime spokesman to be sophomoric to say the least.  Last week if you asked me if there was a company flaky enough to choose a man who frequently portrays a criminal (in real life and on screen) as their spokesmen against crime I would tell you that you were smoking whatever drug it is that Snoop Dogg deals at his concerts.  Before writing this article I checked my calendar to see if it was April 1st.  It isn't.  This is real, folks.
Symantec launched their “Hack is Wack” campaign for their Norton security products today which features felon Snoop Dogg as their (I'm using this word loosely) evangelist.  Not only did this guy come out of his teens with a criminal record, he has been arrested for his involvement in a number of murders, drug dealing and sex with underage girls.
Symantec could very well be as “wack” as the hackers they are going after.  I will call it a wash.  I have personal knowledge that the folks in Symantec's brand department are not the brightest of bulbs, but this is so much more than stupid.  How's this for branding?  “Sure!  He may be a drug-dealing, foul-mouthed, murdering rapist, but at least he isn't a cybercriminal.”
I don't feel secure.  I feel like uninstalling my Norton products, taking a shower and locking my doors and windows.