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So I was at a political event in Downtown Dallas tonight and talked with a number of friends and acquaintances.  I also met a few new people namely some folks from the defense arena.  Not my favorite people but the man I support for D.A. invited me, oh, and there was free barbecue.
Among the new acquaintances with whom I had interesting conversation was a Judge.  I explained to her what I did for a living:  I help companies stop people from selling counterfeit products.  She responded by telling me that she had just returned from China and brought back a whole mess of counterfeit luxury items.  She immediately flogged into a “I know it supports terrorism, but they (vendors) are just businessmen” quibble.  I said, “You know its immoral to buy counterfeit products, right?”  She said it isn't immoral because it's not illegal to buy them, only to sell them.  And I'm thinking, “Right.  Am I on Candid Camera?”
I cocked my usual one-eyebrowed grin and gave her my best “are-you-really-this-much-of-a-dingbat?” look and excused myself to the bar.  Those of you who know me personally know I am not one to feign respect.  I shudder at the thought of the ignorance of some folks.
I told you that story in order to tell you this one…
This is one reason I have become politically active in the Dallas area, particularly Collin County, which is the most affluent county in the United States and a hub for worldwide corporations.  I am supporting judges' candidacies whom I know to be educated on IPR issues.  One local candidate who impressed me, and I am supporting, is Dallas IP litigation attorney Wendy McMillon.  I know many of our organizations focus on lobbying DC and State Capitals (which is great), but do not forget that these local posts are the bricks and mortar of our society.  Fighting ignorance of IP theft starts at home.  Read up on your candidates, meet them, interview them, and vote for the smart ones.  Do it.
Now I'm going to finish my coffee.