“American Knockoff” A Memoir

“American Knockoff: How I Came to Hollywood, Became a Private eye, Survived Two Suicides and Caught a Thousand Counterfeiters” By Rob Holmes

Summary: Likable, relatable and humorous, Rob recounts his life story, which includes the history of knockoffs as only he knows it. The survivor of two parental suicides, Holmes gives an honest, vivid, and no holds barred picture of the tragic life of one of the world’s most celebrated private eyes, and a behind the scenes look of the anti-counterfeiting industry from the 1980’s to the present. In an unflinching insider’s view of the inner workings of the fakes trade, he breaks down very complex issues, including the intricacies of government administration, corporate legal departments, and corruption all around. Using a plethora of pop culture references, Rob recounts the darkest times in his life and the lights at the end of each tunnel, which are always a combination of spending time with family and catching crooks.

Topics Covered: Suicide, PTSD, Espionage, Cybercrime, Economic Warfare and China, Corporate Corruption, Counterfeiting and Piracy, Femme Fatales, Prison, Politics, Marriage, Family, Murder, Atlantic City and the Mob

Length: 77,033 Words / 281 Pages