“Candidate X” A Political Thriller Screenplay

“Candidate X” is “Get Out” but for politics. When Silo Townsend was six months old, his father died on the job as a police officer. His mother remarried a year later and this man raised Silas as his own. Silas is dark-skinned like his birth father, who was black.

After graduating from West Point, Silo joined the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division. Soon, he found himself in pursuit of a serial killer dubbed “Cock Robin” who targeted Army Officers who visited prostitutes. As the case went on, it became an obsession for Silo. After a two-year investigation, he puts an end to Cock Robin’s reign of terror as a result of an undercover sting. But not without a price. While hunting Cock Robin, Silo began the life of shadowing Johns and soliciting hookers to the point where he felt more comfortable on Skid Row than in Suburbia.

When he returns home, Silo is the toast of the town. He is on the cover of Time Magazine, does the national news circuit, and Hollywood even makes a movie about him. But all Silo wants to do is forget about the past, work through his PTSD, and get on with his life. After he settles in, local political interests start to flood his inbox and voicemail. Both parties, dying to claim they are less racist than the other, want the young black national hero to be the face of their next election.

Silo finds himself being pulled in every direction and his loyalties are tested to the limits, even by people he thought he trusted most. Now, he must navigate the high-stakes world of big-money politics and figure out how to come out on top, or at least alive. In order to do so, Silo knows he must reach into his own inner darkness where understanding the motives of psychopaths comes naturally for him.

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