Living by Accident: The Philosophy

Have you ever wondered where your next meal was coming from? Or where you’ll be sleeping next month? If you haven’t, you may not be a member of the contingent who can understand this blog. If you can’t relate, please do us both a favor and tune out now.  If you are still here, and can think as deeply as required, let me fill you in on why I believe what I do.

I was born in South Jersey in 1970 and my mother committed suicide right after my eleventh birthday. I spent more than two decades trying to make sense of it until my father does the same. I guess to follow her down. I don’t know. But all I know is that, back in 2004, I was a man in his early thirties with major issues.  Again, no pity.  Just journey. Read the rest of this entry »

Right Here, Right Now

Planet Earth within a Heart. Created by The Pl...

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I don’t look for news.  I wait for news to find me.  One evening, a couple of years ago, I saw myself faced with CNNLaw & Order and a preacher on the Jesus channel.  All of them were advising me of the dismal state of this world.   That set me on a quest to determine what news actually affected me and the people around me and what did not.  I stopped listening to talk radio, I ceased watching news programs and began to rely only on the people around me for my news.  As a result  I am more focused, peaceful, productive and happier.  Best yet, my philosophies remain untainted by the noise generated by commercialism and politics.

There are almost 57 million square miles of dry land on the planet Earth and more than 6 billion people on it.  That leaves hundreds of people per square mile, whether populated or not.  I have faith in my fellow man.  I believe that, if we all begin where we are and concentrate on affecting those around us, we can be most effective.  The economy of this creates a forward-moving vacuum that is filled by others.  This moves the ripple forward.  It’s simple science, people.  Before you decide to spout off on politicians, the television, or foreign events, you need to first involve yourself in causing positivity and goodness right here and right now.  Positivity and goodness.  Here.  Now.  Remember, it’s just television.  Turn it off, look around, smile, and take action.